Fiction writing workshops
On line bookstores, ezines, links and More.
Excellent list of resources for the screenwriter
A thesaurus of phrases and sayings including definitions and origins.
Interviews and success stories as well as tips for the aspiring writers.
Contains excellent tips for writers.
Site has hundreds of useful links including a resource center for writers and online workshops on internet use for writers.
Good resources for writers
This site has forums for fiction writers.
Excellent site packed with articles and resources for authors and screenwriters. Has a messageboard and library with title listings of genre and category novels and books.
Contains discussion and critique forums for writers.
This is a starter list for authors to begin the web marketing of their books.
A book review site with many helpful links and tips for authors and writers.
Outstanding site for authors and writers with numerous helpful links.
A site maintained by women writers for women writers and authors. The site has many useful links, a library, chat room, and much more.
For editors, agents, writers and readers
News, features and resources for media and publishing
Outstanding site with tips for everything writing as well as a list of literary agents and publishers.
Top notch editorial and author support  offered along with numerous useful links for writers.
ShawGuides lists information on over 1000 writer conferences and workshops from around the country.
This is an outstanding site for authors to market their wares, take advantage of  setting up a free website, hang out with other authors on the message boards, or even collaborate on a book. The site is run by authors.
A site that lists comparative price and shipping costs of books sold on the web. Look up any title to find the best bargain.
Click on the Free Resources button at this agency site to see samples of query letters and proposals.
Excellent screenwriter's resource.
Packed with tips for the aspiring self-published writer from the guru of self-publishing. The site includes a free newsletter and many good tips for writers and authors.
Contains information on E-zines
An excellent directory with multiple listings where you can submit your work.
Expert advice with a comprehensive list of dos and don't s to handle a successful book signing event.
Fish Publishing runs a range of competitions - from poetry and flash fiction to crime, historical fiction and short stories.
HTML tutorials with easy to understand language.  Excellent resource for the beginning website builder
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Excellent site offering a directory of publishers as well as illustrators to assist writers of children's books
This site provides free access to online script writing software. Writer's can write a screenplay and print it out there. 
Comprehesive directory of e-mail addresses of agents, editors & publishers.
Speakers are invited to register their services
A great resource for speakers
Small Publishers Association of N. America
Site has worldwide newspaper contacts
An award-winning writing marketplace for the publishing industry
This site lists mystery bookstores from around the country
Contain's excellent help articles for writers
Site has tips for free publicity
Brad Templeton dispels myths about copyright law
An online comunity of writers of all ages, interests and skill levels. Anyone may create a free portfolio and exchange feedback with other writers. One of Writer's Digest 101 best websites for writers, 2005.
Click on the cover below to access the new website that contains the complete text of Finding Go! Matching Questions and Resources in Getting Published. It has the answers or links to answers that cover the gamut of questions most frequently asked by writers at writing forums.

Good site with link pages to book reviews and reviewers both national and  international. 
This site has some very good book marketing advice and pay services for authors.
This is one of the most comprehensive guideline directories on the net. It has submission information for (low pay) and (regular pay) online story and article guidelines; it also has large lists of agent and publisher guidelines.

This site has a state-by-state list of independent booksellers around the country. The list can be helpful to self-published authors and to small publishers.
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Credited to Green Baker from Freedmen's School, around 1865:

The Nine Parts of Speech

Three little words you often see
  are articles ... an, a and the.
A noun is the name of anything,
  as school, or garden, hoop or swing.
Adjectives tell the kind of noun,
  as great, small, pretty, white or brown.
Instead of nouns the pronouns stand -
  he face, his head, your arm, my hand.
Verbs tell of something being done-
  To read, count, laugh, sing, jump or run.
How things are done the adverbs tell-
  As slowly, quickly, ill or well.
Conjunctions join the word together-
  as men and women, wind or weather.
The prepositions stand before-
  A noun, as in or through the door.
The interjections show surprise-
  As Oh! How pretty! Ah! How wise.
The whole are called the nine parts of speech
  Which reading, writing, speaking teach.

Directory of Resources for Writers
Updated in February 2012
A site that, for a small fee, checks manuscripts and query materials to see that they are polished before submission to publishing acquisition editors.
Providing script analysis to professional writers and producers. Catherine Kretz provides expert screenplay coverage, story analysis and other writing services.
This Edinburgh-based cunsultancy is committed to helping writers realise their literary potential. Provides inspiration, advice and downloadable lessons. They also provide insight into the methods of working writers and offer an editorial service designed for individual needs.
Created by writing teachers, Creative Writing Now is an online resource for new fiction writers and poets. It provides support, training, prompts, and inspiration
Loads of free information on all aspects of screen writing
An online poetry club for poets and aspiring poets
This site gives advice for writers and e-book writers to write and market their work.
Another learning site designed by an experience writer to help aspiring writers with creative writing exercises, tips, prompts and much more.
An author site located in South Africa that has membership forums to assist writers. The author web site is a good example of book marketing too.
This is a club with annual dues designed for Latino authors and writers. They have an annual writers' conference as well as help aids for prospective writers and authors.